A Project on Design Sponge......

 Adrienne Blumthal and I have teamed up and created a new product, PieBox (www.piebox.com) and its for the safe keeping and transportation of pie. We are featured this week on Design Sponge (http://www.designsponge.com)

She has a great blackberry balsamic and seasalt walnut crumble pie, its absolutely amazing. I love the combination of the balsamic and the blackberry with the lemon zest with the walnut and seasalt bringing all of the flavors together.

Adrienne clearly made the pie, I did the photos and we both worked on the styling take a look at the article.........


CB2 Shots

Here are a few shots from my recent CB2 shoot for the Family Sweepstakes contest which
is currently on the CB2 website (www.cb2.com) I shot a bunch of people through out two days. We used chickens,dogs,cats, babies and puppies! I had such a great time here are a few of my favorite shots .........


SKM Shoots for CB2

Here are a couple of production shots of a recent shoot I just did for CB2. I worked closely with CB2 and Phenomenon an agency out of LA. We shot about 10 different groups of people in one day with all kinds of animals from chickens to cats. It was great fun and I look forward to seeing the images in print.


Portrait of Dad

This is a photo I took of my father some time ago in the kitchen of my parents house. I have always wanted to capture an image of my father showing the strength and fragility of a man that has lived quite a life.

My father was in the military, serving in both the Air Force and the Army as a helicopter mechanic and as a pilot. He served five tours in the Vietnam War, flying Huey helicopters dropping and picking up troops...a pretty dangerous endeavor. This image was taken at about 7:00 in the morning sitting at the kitchen table, as he often did smoking his ever present Pall Malls, shirtless and cross-legged drinking a can of Hamm's.

I took paper from a black sweep, crumpled it up and then taped it to the kitchen cupboards letting in some ambient light with a little off camera fill flash. I decided to use Kodak Tri-X to get some grain peaking through the skin tones and some contrast in the lines of his face. The result is a portrait with the subject staring you down, an almost Popeye look with nothing to hide. What you see is what you get, the essence of my father.


Prints for Sale!

Photograph: ©Steven Karl Metzer2011/"Tooth Extraction"

So I have decided to start selling some prints on Etsy. I have been recently doing a little bit of still life work breaking away from the human form for a bit and just start doing little still lifes. Everyone seems to like this print so I put it up for sale. http://www.etsy.com/listing/86721014/photographic-print-tooth-extraction-2011

The image is of my first tooth extraction from about a week ago. It was a surreal process with all of the high end x-ray machines and digital print outs on wall mounted monitors, with state of the art blood pressure machines and dental tools. In the end the dentist just came at me with a pair of pliers. It went from being super high tech to straight up mid-evil. The dentist was very good and talked me through the whole process. I even felt safe as he put me in a head lock trying to pull the wisdom tooth from the
clinches of my gums and jaw.

 So this is the first bandage they put in my mouth after the extraction. I went to change it and started staring at it and it became more intriguing with all of the cross patterns of the actual cotton mixed
with the redness of the blood. So I photographed it on a white sweep

I have more images that I will add to my Etsy Portfolio but for now its just this one. This is a 15x17 image on 16x20 paper. It's a signed digital print using Kodak Endura Lustre Paper.


A Man and His Motorcycle.............

  A couple of weeks ago I hung out with my friend Jeremiah and photographed him in front of his Shovelhead (that's a Harley Davidson motorcycle) at a garage space he shares with some friends. I had been there before just hanging out talking about motorcycles and having a beer or two. I have always been pretty fond of that place and have always wanted to do a portrait there and well this was my chance. I used a good amount of studio lighting, a smoke machine (which is always a good time)  and a great assistant, Zack Johnston. I pretty much shot on all Speedotron with a hidden ring light in the shot all in all we were in and out of that place with in 2 hours or so. You can see the final image on my website (www.stevenkarlmetzer.com) under the New Work Gallery.